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Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics
Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics
Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics
Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics
Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics
Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics
Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics
Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics

Our challenges may be complex, but our goal is simple: to unite leaders in technology with innovators in orthopaedics. In doing so, we will be able bridge the gap between concept and reality – with the goal of improving the lives of our patients.

Stefano Bini, MD

Clinical Professor, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery






Our mission is to create an alliance of innovators and health care leaders to implement real soultions in musculoskeletal care. Today.

Our goal is to bring orthopaedic care into the future through digital technology.

Orthopaedics is the science of the treatment of the muculosketletal system. Its goal is to preserve motion and function. The UCSF Digital Orthopaedic Conference San Francisco (DOCSF) was conceived out of a strong desire to deliver to patients what they are demanding: digitally-enabled health care.

Why focus on orthopaedics? For many reasons. Orthopaedics is high-volume. It is high-cost. It is a low-variation specialty with its short-cycle time. Moreover, orthopaedics addresses problems that account for more than 30 percent of all primary care visits. For all of these reasons, orthopaedics is the perfect space for anyone testing new solutions to most common problems in health care: improving access, quality and cost.

DOCSF will serve as a venue for visionary leaders to rapidly advance technological development in orthopaedics – in doing so, creating a new model in health care delivery.

The conference will also examine the challenges of implementing technology to current healthcare platforms – without special effort on the part of the patient. We will also look at how technology will enable us to better engage and communicate – using doctor-to-patient apps and telemedicine.


The UCSF Digital Orthopaedics Conference takes place Sunday, January 7, 2018 (just before the JPM Annual HealthCare conference in San Francisco).  Registration opens at  7:00 AM.   The full conference agenda and the faculty speakers will be posted shortly.

The conference will focus on tools and ideas that are currently available and can be implemented in the short term. By bringing all the stakeholders together and focusing on case studies to illustrate successful technological innovation, we hope to see actual projects result from the multiple opportunities for interaction we have created. The format will include:

•   Level setting sessions to ensure that all attendees have a shared understanding of the most recent advances in technology as well as the most current opportunities facing providers and insurers   

•   Keynote lectures followed by guided speaker interviews leading to extended audience inquiry session

•    The Innovation Lounge to showcase the curated set of start ups that have been invited to participate

•   Rapid fire sessions introducing the start ups and the tools they have available

•    Case study presentations to engage the audience in a dialogue around best practices



The conference will take place inSan Francisco. Venue location and registration information will be posted shortly.


This year's conference fee will be $800 per attendee. Note: the conference fee is waived for exhibitors and sponsors. 



We are incredibly excited to have so many impressive leaders sponsoring our inaugural conference. They believe, as we do, that a conference designed for the most visionary thinkers in health care today is a necessary next step to catalyze the adoption of digital health technologies in orthopaedics. Focusing on solving problems in a narrow but critical vertical within health care is the best way to pilot new ideas. We would love to include even more high profile, forward thinking partners in our program and welcome any inquiries into the many opportunities we have created to participate. To learn more, please download DOCSF Sponsorship Summary (PDF).

For those interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact info@docsf.org.


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