DOCSF18: an update on the evolution of the most engaging conference in digital health today.

DOCSF17 was, in many attendees’ words, amongst the best conferences they had ever attended. The format, the speakers, and the participants made it so. Everybody came on a Sunday. Nobody left. It was that engaging.

The goal of DOCSF is to bridge the worlds of clinical orthopedics (from wellness to trauma) and digital health (from big data to augmented reality). Our purpose is to catalyze the adoption of technology in the vertical of musculoskeletal care. Our hope at DOCSF is not to get noticed, it is to be remembered. So, despite our success, we took a great formula and made it even better. See below for what to expect. You can also jump to the preliminary program. and speakers.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco: DOCtor’s orders!

  • DOCSF Leadership Summit​. The new leadership summit is a three-hour experience for leaders tasked with creating a culture of innovation within a rapidly changing health care landscape. The session is presented by BTS, a global business consulting firm with clients such as Salesforce, Lenovo, AT&T, Sony, Coca-Cola, Nike and many others. BTS will share insights about how Fortune 500 firms around the globe are building their innovation leadership capabilities in the teeth of disruption before discussing the practical take-aways for the adoption of digital technology in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Morning Java.  Grab a cup of coffee and join in a moderated conversation with DOCSF17 participants and hear about their progress and success over the past 12 months.
  • DOCSF Focus Sessions. The Focus Sessions are the core of DOCSF. Each Focus Session takes a specific topic in digital health and considers it in the context of orthopedics and MSK care. The Focus Lectures are delivered by a health care speaker who clearly lays out the challenges ahead, and a technology speaker who summarizes the tools available to address those challenges. The moderator contextualizes the opportunity for musculoskeletal care. Bridging: Technology + Orthopedics. Done.
  • The Case Studies. The Case Studies are inspired by the business school didactic format. Selected through our competition and matched by topic to the Focus Sessions that proceed them, successful start-ups present a case study with their client to a broad panel of industry experts. The presenters are asked to discuss what problems they set out to solve, how they solved them, present their results, and summarize what they learned. This is one-hour of insights and ideas shared between participants, providers, innovators, payers, industry and capital. No NDA required.
  • DOCSF Keynote.  The DOCSF Keynote is different. We identify someone outside the traditional healthcare ecosystem, but just barely. Their work is of great interest to our audience because we can all see how it can apply to our world. Guaranteed to get you thinking out of the box. Think TED meets DOCSF.
  • DOCSF Fireside Chat. The Fireside Chat is just that, a moderated discussion with leaders in a specific field focusing on musculoskeletal applications. Kick back and watch great minds building on each other’s ideas.
  • The Quick Take @ DOCSF. The quick take is a brief overview of a difficult topic presented by a great speaker. Some things you don't need to debate, you just want to understand. That’s what the quick take is all about. 
  • The IDEO Symposium. The symposium is curated by our partner IDEO. Dennis Boyle, a founder of one of the world’s most innovative design firms, and his team create a fantastic session on Design Thinking in Health Care innovation. Expect to be stimulated to consider differently how to approach leading change. Wow!
  • The DOCSF Politics Desk. It’s hard to lead in Healthcare if you have no idea what the regulatory framework will be. Each year we give you a summary of what we know about what is happening inside and outside the beltway and how those decisions might affect the way we will delivery care in the future. The DOCSF Politics Desk: always interesting, never disappointing, inevitably frustrating, but a can’t be missed event.
  • Networking Sessions. Because we know that talking to your friends at DOCSF is just as important as the event itself, we are going to make sure the music and the venue is a really fun place to be, that the name tags are really easy to read, and that there is plenty of time to trade those twitter handles. After all, we want everyone to solve a problem. Or two. Cheers!


Preliminary Program DOCSF 2018

Saturday, Jan. 6 and Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco.

Note: We are updating this program frequently as new speakers will be joining our sessions.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

14:00 Registration Opens

15:00 Opening Remarks DOCSF 18

15:15 -18:00 DOCSF18 LEADERSHIP SUMMIT (presented by BTS).

Leading in the Teeth of Disruption. At the DOCSF18 Leadership Summit, we will discuss and explore how great leaders grow and scale today’s business while simultaneously encouraging the innovation needed to build the business of tomorrow. You and your fellow-attendees will engage in an interactive simulation in which you experience the pivotal moments leaders face on the job while tackling the challenges of transformation and exponential change. Along the way we will share some insights about how Fortune 500 firms around the globe are building their innovation leadership capabilities in the teeth of disruption, before discussing the practical implications of their triumphs and trials for the adoption of digital technology in the healthcare ecosystem.

What you can expect:  One of the key aspects of BTS's learning framework is to take leaders through virtual scenarios using computer based simulations. This type of experiential learning is far more effective at changing behavior and improving content retention than traditional educational frameworks. Here is how we will experience simulation at the DOCSF leadership summit with BTS.
During the first part of the simulation, we will explore why some organizations stifle innovation while others invest in making their workforce smarter, more competitive, and in turn, more innovative. We’ll analyze a case study and provide hypothetical advice to the CEO of a company struggling with a stalled strategic initiative to create a culture of innovation. You will learn how to set an innovation agenda, while exploring and defining the problem we are trying to solve. 
We will work through scenarios where you will answer the following questions: how do you respond to an eager and excited innovator whose idea (you know) won’t work, and how do you determine which innovative ideas are worthy of further refinement?
In the second part of this simulation, we will work through additional scenarios involving the following concepts:
•         Testing ideas in the marketplace fast and cheap, generating institutional knowledge
•         Creating new ideas by challenging and breaking old patterns and orthodoxies
•         Rapid prototyping, co-creation, and stimulating a diversity of input

18:00 Cocktails, networking and hors d’oeuvres

20:00 Adjourn

Sunday January 7, 2018

07:00 Registration Opens

07:30-08:15: MORNING JAVA

07:30 Opening Remarks: Thomas Parker Vail, MD, James L. Young Professor and Chairman, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
and Stefano Bini, MD, DOCSF Chair and Professor, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

07:45 A breakfast conversation with the startups featured in 2017. What happened since we last saw each other? Nick Adkins

08:15 to 10:00 DOCSF FOCUS SESSION 1

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): understanding the state of the art in AI and how it will impact orthopaedic care.

08:15 Focus Lectures: Kyu Rhee, MD, MBA Chief Health Officer IBM Watson and Ralph Gonzales, MD, CIO of UCSF. Cognitive support and how it will change everything.

08:45 Q&A moderated by Ben Levy, Partner Bootstrap Labs

09:00 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Case Study Breakouts. Case presentations from the winners of our Innovation Awards Competition.

10:00-10:30 Networking Break


10:30 Keynote: Topher Gaylord, General Manager of Outdoor @ UnderArmour. Reinventing an industry: how wearable sensors will turn a sports clothing company into a data company.

11:00 Q&A moderated by  Josh McHugh, CEO, Attention Span

11:15 to 12:30 DOCSF FIRESIDE CHAT

11:30 Fireside chat: Automation(David Jacofsky, MD), Robotics (Joe Lynch, Omnicell), Mobile (Mohan Nair, Cambia Health) and Exoskeletons (Manish Kothari, SRI): A conversation with leaders in the field focusing on musculoskeletal applications. Morderators:  Stefano Bini, MD  and James Caillouette, MD, President, Board of Directors at Newport Orthopedic Institute

12:30 Lunch/Networking

13:30 – 14:30 The World We Live In: How design thinking should color our world vision.

13:30 The IDEO Symposium: Dennis Boyle, Founder of IDEO and Farzad Azimpour, MD, Director of Health at IDEO introduce Design Thinking in healthcare: what it means, why it matters, and why you should integrate it into everything you do.

14:30 QUICK TAKE: A Brief overview of a difficult topic by a really good speaker.

14:30 Cybersecurity and Orthopedics: where are our vulnerabilities? Herb Kelsey, New Context and Patrick Phelan, Chief Information Security Officer UCSF​

14:45 Q&A


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality: what can we believe in?

15:00-15:45  Focus Lectures: Rethinking the world we live in: what are the possibilities unlocked by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? Shafi Ahmed, MD, PhD, Co-Founder at Hearthy. A health blockchain company. Moderator:  Daniel Kraft, MD, Chair for Medicine at Singularity Univ & Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine

15:45 Case Study Breakouts. Four case studies of successful technology implementations using Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality will be presented by the winners of our startup competition in concert with their clients.

16:45 Networking break

17:15-17:45 The World We Live In: The politics of change.

17:15 The DOCSF Politics Desk. Thomas Barber, MD, Jean Drouin, and Adolph J. “Chick” Yates Jr., MD will provide an overview of what’s happening in Washington D.C. and how it will impact Orthopaedic care delivery.

17:45 Awards and Closing Remarks. Stefano Bini, MD and Peter Schilling, MD

18:00 Gratitude, Needs and Offers: Dennis Boyle, Founder of IDEO (Moderator)

18:15 Closing Remarks. Stefano Bini, MD

18:30-19:15 Cocktails and Networking