Friends of DOCSF

We would like to pay special thanks to the Friends of DOCSF (“The DOC-Lings”) who helped transform a tiny thought bubble into a dynamic digital health conference. 

Special thanks to our colleagues in the UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery who provided above-and-beyond support for this conference and our external advisory team, whom answered our countless emails and phone calls and who gave us sound advice to stay focused as well as making this conference both interesting and a success. (Top row, from left: Nick Adkins, Dennis Boyle, James Caillouette MD, and Matt Cantonis; middle row, from left: Richard Capra, Breanna Cunningham, Daniel Kendall and Mike Ryan; bottom row, from left: Peter Schilling, Ken Trauner MD, Thomas Vail MD and Jim Winkler.)



A heartfelt thank you to DOCSF's behind-the-scenes players, who tirelessly followed up, worked late, and held our hands throughout planning of this meeting  (From left:  Kathy Jay, Nicholas Leaskou, Kristina Portillo, Erin Simon and Priya Nyayapati).
Most of all, thanks for all the support of our families – who make possible everything that we do.

-- Team DOCSF