Our mission is to create an alliance of innovators and health care leaders to implement digital health solutions in musculoskeletal care. Today.

Mission Statement

Bridging: Technology + Orthopaedics

Our mission is to unite innovators and health care leaders  to adopt and integrate digital health solutions in musculoskeletal care. Today.

The goal of  our alliance is to create meaningful and measurable improvements in quality, cost and access in musculoskeletal verticals.

DOCSF’s vision is to create a movement that delivers digital health (lower cost, higher quality and better access) by focusing on technology within musculoskeletal care.



Why Orthopaedics/Musculoskeletal Care?

Why focus on orthopaedics? For many reasons. The main one is that it is a great model to test the hypothesis that digital technology can cure the ailing health care system. The MSK vertical is:

  • High volume
  • High cost
  • Short-cycle time
  • Centralized
  • Integrated
  • Organized
  • Healthy patients
  • Broad: from wellness to trauma surgery

Musculoskeletal care is also well integrated -- from supply chain to manufacturing, from clinical guidelines to standardized clinical care pathways; it also accounts for one in five primary care visits. Furthermore, half of all Americans have a musculoskeletal condition, which costs an estimated $213B in annual treatment and lost wages (United States Bone and Joint Initiative – USBJI)1.

  1. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. "One in two Americans have a musculoskeletal condition: New report outlines the prevalence, scope, cost and projected growth of musculoskeletal disorders in the U.S.." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 1 March 2016.